Engineering and Technical Department of the
National Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Engineering and Technical Department of the National Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a structural subdivision of the National Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The main tasks of the department are: to ensure the targeted use of the building and special equipment, to ensure the technology of storing archival documents, their safety and use, to guide the implementation of operational and technical measures for the maintenance of the building and equipment produced by freelance employees of the operational and technical service of the National Archive, planning the rational use of life support systems of the building and equipment, modernization and application of the latest technologies during their operation.

In accordance with the main tasks , the department performs the following functions:

  • ensures the implementation of measures to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation of power supply systems, heat supply, water supply and sewerage, landscaping and compliance with the rules of sanitary condition of the building and the surrounding area;
  • controls the operation of heat supply, water supply, ventilation, air conditioning, fire alarm, gas and sprinkler fire extinguishing, security alarm;
  • provides operation of the local automatic control system (ACS) of engineering networks, telephony, network environment, TV and video surveillance systems;
  • conducts timely preventive scheduled preventive repairs and maintenance of systems and equipment;
  • provides maintenance and maintenance of outdoor and indoor lighting, electrical appliances;
  • ensures the operation and organization of round-the-clock operation of the technological equipment of the building;
  • ensures compliance with the regulatory parameters of the temperature and humidity regime of document storage in archives;
  • keeps records of electricity consumption, water supply and heat supply;
  • controls the provision of working conditions and labor protection of employees and their
    compliance with safety regulations and fire safety requirements;
  • fulfills the instructions of authorized organizations for the maintenance of buildings and
    equipment in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • develops and coordinates evacuation plans for emergencies together with other structural units
    of the National Archive;
  • prepares technical materials and conducts technical training for employees of the National
  • conducts briefings for employees of the National Archives in accordance with the fire safety
    rules ;
  • develops plans and prepares technical documentation and justifications for the formation of a
    budget application for the annual and long-term financing plans of the National Archive.

uninterrupted maintenance mode, access control (Turnstile) works and coordinates repair work plans.

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