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Welcome to the official website of the National Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan! On the website you can get information about the main activities of the National Archive and the archival industry in general. Also on our website you can learn about the history of the National Archive, about the valuable documents stored in the archive, which are the historical and cultural heritage of the country. Through the website you can also get acquainted with the list of archival funds, get the service in an online form

Director of the National Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Sagila Nurlanova


The Central State Archives of the Republic of Kazakhstan is 100 years old!

On the 19th of November 2021 Sagila Nurlanova, the director of the National archive of the ROK, and a group of specialists took part in the festive event devoted to the 100th anniversary of RSI “Central State Archives” of the …

ҚР Ұлттық архив

Ы. Алтынсариннің 180 жылдығына

ҚР Ұлттық архив

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